Sun Safe

At Copthorne Community Infant School we take part in the Sun Safe Schools national accreditation scheme. 

Sun safe Cerfificate

The scheme has been developed by national skin cancer charity 'Skcin', to assist primary schools in implementing a successful Sun Safety Policy whilst encouraging schools and parents to work together to increase knowledge, influence behaviour and prevent skin cancer. 

  Sun Safety Factsheet

Whilst we recognise that some sun is good for us, Sun Safety is an important health and safety issue for schools. Children spend almost half their childhood at school, with approximately 8 hours per week spent outdoors. During the warmer months of the year children are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, the majority of which is when UV penetration is strongest (between 11am and 3pm). 


Without adequate protection, a child's delicate skin can easily burn, this can cause irreparable damage that could significantly increase their risk of developing skin cancer in later life. The good news is that skin cancer is almost entirely preventable and with parental support, simple steps can be undertaken to ensure that your child is protected and can enjoy the sun safely. 


Step 1 – All day Sunscreen.  This should be applied before your child comes to school.  The cream should have a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30+ and provide both UVA and UVB protection and if labelled with a UVA star rating, carry a minimum of 4 stars.  During high UV days then cream can also be bought into school so that it can be reapplied by your child.


Step 2 – Sun Hat. Sun hats should be either broad-brimmed (bucket style) or legionnaire to shade the face, neck and ears.


Again, your support to reinforce this messaging at home will be of great benefit, helping to influence behaviours for a positive, Sun Safe future. Guidance and practical advice about UV, Sun Safety, skin cancer prevention and early detection can be found on