Breakfast Club

We offer Breakfast Club every morning at Copthorne between 8am and 8:40am at just £2.50 per child.

We have lots of food on offer including cereal, fruit, toasties, yoghurts, smoothies and much, much more. We also have toys and games available and have lots of time to go outdoors with the bikes and scooters too.

Take a look below at what Breakfast Club normally looks like!


         Lots of eating!              Lots of playing! 

We also have special themed Breakfasts every month for just £2.00 per child.

Our special themed breakfasts include Waffle Wednesday, Spooky Breakfast, Eggy Breakfast and Big Breakfast with the Teachers. 

Take a look below at how excellent they are!


      Waffle Wednesday            Spooky Breakfast