Values and Ethos

At Copthorne Community Infant School, community is at the essence of our values and ethos. We pride ourselves on providing a creative, wide and varied curriculum for all children where achievement in all areas is celebrated. Every child has the ability to achieve when given the chance to do so. 

Our Key Characteristics

Staff, governors, children and parents all contributed to developing our new key characteristics and values. Each week we focus on a different characteristic based on the insects below and they are displayed around the school. Children have the opportunity over the course of a week to have their name written onto the insect. If their name is on the insect they earn a 'flying high token' for their team. The winning team have an extra treat at the end of each term.

At Copthorne we: 



Are Kind - We show we are kind by being friendly and caring. We will share and take turns. We will be helpful to others. 




Have Manners - We will use our manners when we speak to everyone. We will use please, thank you and excuse me.






Try Our Best - We will be ambitious and always try our best. We will try to make right choices. 





Are Hardworking - We will show we have a can do attitude and we don’t give up easily. 





Are a Team Worker - We will work together with our friends, our class and as a whole school. 





Are able to Bounce Back - We will keep trying. We will be resilient and bounce back even if we make a mistake. 




Are Independent - We will show we can do things ourselves. We will ask for help when we need it too. 





Are Honest - We will tell the truth. Even when we make a mistake we will admit it so we can move on to make better choices.