Please see below our gallery of staff images as drawn by our pupils.                                   


  Mrs Way                  Mrs Allen         Mrs Mansell

Mrs Way is our Executive Head Teacher. Mrs Allen is our Head Teacher, SENCO and also the schools safeguarding lead. Mrs Mansell is the school business officer and will help you with any information you need.


                   Mrs T-J        Mrs Fletcher      Miss Edwards    Mrs Bayliss   

The ladies above are our wonderful Teachers! Miss Jolly and Mrs Fletcher are our Reception class teachers.  Miss Edwards is our Year 1 class teacher.  Mrs Bayliss is our Year 2 class teacher. 


       Mrs Humphries     Mrs Barker        Mrs Doxey       Miss Roberts       Mrs Self  

The ladies above are our wonderful Teaching Assistants! Mrs Humphries works in our Reception Class with Miss Jolly and runs the Talk Boost programme. Mrs Barker work in our Reception class with Mrs Fletcher. Mrs Doxey work in our Year 1 class and Miss Roberts supports one of our Year 1 children as well as running intervention groups in the afternoon. Mrs Self works in our Year 2 class and runs Rainbow Group(nurture) and the Forest Schools programme. 


   Mrs Marriott    Miss Kenmuir   Mrs Bamford    Mrs Hibbert       Mrs Young       Mrs Keeling

Meet our marvellous midday crew!  Mrs Marriott is our Senior Midday Supervisor. Miss Kenmuir, Mrs Bamford, and Mrs Hibbert are her team of midday supervisors. In the kitchen we have Mrs Keeling our Cook in Charge, she is responsible for cooking the amazing school dinners we enjoy every day! Supporting her is our fantastic Assistant Cook Mrs Young.

Miss Kenmuir is also our caretaker.  She keeps the school clean and tidy for us and monitors site maintenance.