School Times

The main entrance doors to school are opened at 8.40am each morning.  Parents are asked to come into school and stay with their children until the bell rings at 8.55am. There may be a morning job for you to do together or you may choose to visit our library. As the children move into Year 2 we ask that parents encourage children to come into school by themselves to help increase their independence and confidence ready for the transition to junior school.

We have a morning break from 10.30am until 10.45am. During this break all children receive a free piece of fruit from the School Fruit service and any children who have registered for school milk will receive this too. (please see separate page on Cool Milk)

Lunchtime is 11.55am to 12.55pm. During this time the children have their school dinner or packed lunch and enjoy playtime in the playground. Wet, icy or snowy weather means that playtimes will be spent either in classrooms or in the hall.

The end of the school day is at 3pm. Mrs T-J's class will leave from the outer door of their classroom. Mrs Flectcher's class will leave from the main door.  Year 1 and Year 2 classes will leave via their classroom doors out onto the playground. We ask that parents are prompt in collecting their children as it can become quite distressing for children when they are the last one being collected if parents are running late.